General trivia

Engage in some friendly competition while learning something new!

How to


  1. Choose a theme and a platform (Brightful has lots of themes to choose from, but we’ve had success using a PowerPoint deck and survey tool like Typeform).

Screenshot of Brightful's trivia tool. The question is asking who won best actress for the oscards.

  1. Develop questions with 4 possible answers.
  1. Create a separate answer sheet for your own reference.

The game

  1. Inform the group of what to expect. For example:
    • How many rounds of questions you’ll be asking
    • How to report their answers.
    • What prizes, if any, you’re offering.
  2. Read the questions out loud and give people 10 seconds to guess the answer.
  3. Tally up the scores at the end and announce the winner on the call.

What we like about it

We played Halloween-themed trivia, with a bonus music round where people had to guess the Halloween song and artist for 2 points. It was a success for many reasons:


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