Share your watch list

Inspired by Letterboxd, a social network for film lovers, this activity allows groups to connect through the love of film by sharing their movie or TV show watch list.

How to

  1. Using our Miro template, have each group member claim a spot by adding their name.

  2. Have them drop 4 movies or TV shows that they want to watch on the boxes provided.

  1. Ask each participant to pick one of their movies or TV shows to share back to the group and allow room for conversation.

What we like about it

At Habanero, we have lots of film lovers. Discussing our watch lists not only provides movie and show recommendations, but also gives a glimpse into what group member’s are into.

Hab-approved templates

Miro logo

Use our Miro template

Speed up this kickstarter by using our Miro template! Just duplicate the file and it’s ready to use!

Use the Miro template

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