Two truths and a lie

Engage a group of people with different levels of familiarity in a way that’s fun and light-hearted. For tight-knit groups, it can be a fun exercise to test their assumptions and see how well they know each other.

How to

  1. Make sure everyone has a piece of paper and a pen.
  1. Ask everyone to take a few minutes to note down their name and 3 statements about themselves: 2 truths and 1 lie.
  1. Once everyone has finished writing, give the group some time to read over each other’s statements.

Miro board showcasing Habanero's president, Steven Fitzgerald and two truths and a lie.

  1. Invite participants to vote on the truths and lies. Voting can be done in various ways:
    • Use a poll to increase interactivity and get some statistics. This is a good option if you plan to award prizes for the most guesses.
    • If your group is less tech-savvy or you need to save time, use a Miro template that allows participants to drag dots to vote. You can also use the voting feature in Miro.
    • Go old-school and ask people to raise their hand, so you can count votes. This method might be a little time consuming, but it works well for small or tight-knits groups!

What we like about it

Most people are familiar with some form of this ice breaker. It’s quick and easy to do in any setting and it helps people connect on shared things without going too deep and personal.

This is a fun and interesting for both groups that either know each other well, or are getting to know each other.

Hab-approved templates

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Use our Miro template

Speed up this kickstarter by using our Miro template! Just duplicate the file and it’s ready to use!

Use the Miro template

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