Breathing techniques may help people enter a more relaxed, stress-free, peaceful state and can be used to calm down, energize or sharpen focus.

How to

  1. Choose a topic of conversation and write a statement about that topic.
  2. For example, if you want the group to discuss the topic of change, your statement could be “change makes me anxious.”
  1. Gather group in open room.

  2. Place the item in the centre of the room (this can be an object that represents the topic or any random object).

  3. Explain that being closer to this object means the statement is true for them. Being farther away from the object means the statement isn’t true for them.

  4. Read the statement and invite group members to stand in proximity to the object based on how they feel about the statement.

  5. Allow a few moments for group members to notice how they feel and gather their thoughts.

  6. Approach one person, stand next to them and ask:

    • Why are you standing where you are standing? (or what has you standing here?)
    • What’s it like to stand here?
    • Allow for further discussion amongst the group
  7. Repeat for at least 2 more statements.

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