Energy check

This exercise helps participants acknowledge how everyone is feeling in the moment and allows for honest discussion around personal energy levels and support requirements.

How to

  1. Using a whiteboard or sticky notes, create an energy scale that attributes a mood to a number (see the scale below as an example).

A scale on a Miro board where participants can rate their energy level from 1 to 5

  1. Ask group members to place themselves on the scale based on how much energy they feel they have at that current time.

  2. Invite them to share why they chose their placement on the scale and ways they/others could offer support, depending on their energy.

What we like about it

By allowing everyone to share their energy level, the group can be intentional in their meeting and offer or receive the support they need. The scale provides a visual where people can easily see how the group is feeling and respond based on that. This breaks down siloes and creates a human-centered, empathetic environment where everyone’s feelings are heard and valued.

Hab-approved templates

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Use our Miro template

Speed up this kickstarter by using our Miro template! Just duplicate the file and it’s ready to use!

Use the Miro template

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