Guess a childhood photo

Participants match their colleagues with their childhood photo. What makes this icebreaker special is the ability to get to know each other in a more personal way without diving into a deep conversation.

How to

  1. Although this is a simple activity, locating a childhood photo might take some time. Send a preparation message or an email, so people can find one ahead of time. You can also choose to provide some guidelines, such as:

    • Age: Specify an age range, such as under 1 year old.

    • Photo format: If people send scanned copies, plan to create printouts for display.

  2. Create a place to display photos.

  3. Once all the photos are on display for everyone to see, give participants a few minutes to explore and look at all the photos out there.

  4. The guessing game can start with the first picture and move in sequential order.

What we like about it

Seeing our coworkers’ childhood photos tends to have a positive effect on how we see each other. It helps to recognize the playful and innocent part in others and reconnect with that part in ourselves.


To infuse competitive spirit in this activity, consider keeping a score!

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