Get-to-know-your-colleague trivia

Test team members’ knowledge of each other or your organization with a tailored trivia game.

How to

  1. Using a virtual platform such as Brightful, create a game for your team to play. You can also copy our Miro board template!

  2. Use your own questions tailored to your group/organization. Collect a mix of common and not-so-common knowledge about group members and corporate facts. Then, create questions for each and 4 possible options for answers.

Screenshot of Brightful's trivia tool. The question is asking which Hab is an avid sailor.

  1. In your gathering, start the game and have the group try to answer each of the questions.

  2. Offer a prize to the player who correctly answers the most questions. Or maybe bragging rights are enough!

What we like about it

At Habanero, we love some friendly competition! We played Habanero trivia in one of our All Company Connection gatherings, which allowed us to learn more about one another by answering Hab-related questions. It gets everyone interacting, engaged and energized.

It’s a fun way to spotlight the things that make your team and company unique, with a touch of competition! This was reported as Hab’s #1 favourite activity from 2023!


Hab-approved templates

Miro logo

Use our Miro template

Speed up this kickstarter by using our Miro template! Just duplicate the file and it’s ready to use!

Use the Miro template

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