Learning moments

Each time your group meets, ask someone to kick off the meeting by sharing a practical example or tip in the form of a personal story that other team members can use to apply to their lives.

How to

  1. Before meeting, ask a group member to prepare a short moment (about 90 seconds in length) from their life that’s relevant to the space your team operates in.
    • For example, an organization in the energy or construction industry could share safety moments to emphasize their culture of safety, or a financial institution may share financial or wealth management tips.
  1. Encourage them not to storytell but to provide practical examples or tips people can use to apply to their lives.
  2. At the beginning of the meeting, invite them to share their moment with the group.
  3. Allow for discussion after sharing.

What we like about it

Sharing these moments allows group members to not only see the organization’s culture and values in their everyday lives, but to express them, live them and pass their learnings on to others.

Although they’re meant to be quick, sharing these short moments can sometimes spark a whole conversation by offering a glimpse into a group member’s life and way of thinking, fostering connection among the team.


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