Share personally: asking deeper questions

Humanize your gatherings by asking your group to share their responses on more personal topics to create stronger connections between people.

How to

  1. In your meeting, provide different topics, prompts and questions for group members to connect on. These can be tailored to align with the ultimate outcome you’re trying to achieve in the meeting. Here are some questions you could ask:

    • What’s one place you dream of going back to and why?
    • What’s something you wished you did when you were younger?
    • What are you really proud of?
    • What’s something you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?
    • Who in your life had the biggest impact on you?
    • What are the top words that come to mind to describe your family?
  2. Give people time to discuss their answers and listen to one another. Be sensitive to the topics and be sure not to rush.

  1. Repeat the activity at various points throughout your meeting.

What we like about it

Having people share personally not only allows the group to take breaks from the subject matter of the meeting, but continue to build deeper connection and connect on a human level.


Read the room: only ask questions you feel people will be comfortable answering and don’t force anyone to answer if they don’t feel open to doing so.

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