Kudos and recognition

Whether it’s between close team members or just an appreciation for someone’s actions that stood out, this activity provides a platform for people to share their positive feedback with each other.

How to

  1. Before a meeting, reach out to the team (this can be any method like via email or form) and ask them to submit kudos to anyone they’d like to recognize. You can do this on the spot by opening up the meeting to allow everyone to share any kudos they may have. However, we recommended giving people more structure and time to prepare by having them submit ahead of time.

Image of the Microsoft form that Habanero employees use to input kudos and recognition.

  1. Collect the responses and compile them in a presentation.

Image of a slide from Habanero's PowerPoint deck. It shows Laura Nugent being recognized by Anya for her facilitation tips.

  1. Present the kudos during the meeting. Ask the person who submitted to share their kudos, if they’re able. It’s more personal and genuine coming straight from the source!

What we like about it

Sharing kudos and recognition helps foster a culture of appreciation and brings teams closer together.

It’s powerful for many reasons. It’s an act of gratitude. It’s an expression of human connection, of another person’s contribution. It encourages growth and striving. Giving and receiving kudos releases dopamine in the brain, which feels good and encourages the same behaviour in pursuit of the same feel good reward.

At Habanero, we collect and share kudos and recognition monthly in our firm-wide balanced scorecard review meetings. It feels great to share your appreciation for someone and even better to be appreciated!


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