Match facts to a person

This activity is a fun way to get to know things about people that might not organically arise in day-to-day conversations, providing a closer look into people’s lives, preferences and interests.

How to

  1. Ask team members to submit facts about themselves prior to the meeting. Need some help with facts? Here are our go-to ideas:

    • Hometown
    • Hobbies
    • Bucket list item
    • Dream travel destination
    • Favourite food/cuisine
    • Favourite book
    • Favourite movie
    • Favourite TV show
    • Favourite musician/band
    • Pet peeve
    • Hidden talent
    • Most interesting job
  2. Anonymize the facts and mix them up.

  3. Write the facts on physical cards/sticky notes.

  4. Have the group try to match each fact to a participant.

  5. Review the answers to see how accurate they were and discuss.

What we like about it

This activity tests and strengthens the group’s knowledge of each other. It helps team members get to know one another better and uncover commonalities.

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