Camera on, camera off

Get to know your team members and spark conversation in a remote environment by embracing the tools that allow us to connect with one another.

How to

  1. Ask meeting participants to turn off their cameras.
  2. Present a series of statements, one at a time.
    • For example:
      • I’m an early riser.
      • I’m a winter person.
      • I’ve been at [organization name] for over 5 years.
      • I have a pet.
      • I have a sweet tooth.
      • I can play a musical instrument.
      • I play a sport.
  3. If the statement is true for them, ask them to turn on their camera and share an explanation.
  4. Prepare follow-up questions as there might not be natural space for discussion.
  5. Proceed through statements until everyone has had an opportunity to turn their camera on and respond to at least one statement.

What we like about it


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