Share the most boring fact about yourself

Relieve the pressure of having to come up with fun or interesting facts and instead share laughter over each other's most boring facts.

How to

If you’re tight on time, this activity can be done without a Miro board.

  1. Have each participant take turns sharing a boring fact about themselves with the group.

Using Miro board:

Using our Miro template can make for a more engaging activity but requires a bit more time.

  1. Have each participant choose a colour of sticky.
  2. Round 1 - Initial ideas: Ask each participant to write down one boring fact about themselves.
  3. Round 2 - Add on: Once everyone has written down their fact, ask everyone to move to the next inner circle in a clockwise direction. Have them add a fact about themselves to that neighbouring group of stickies that is even more boring than the last one noted down. Allow 1 to 3 minutes before rotating again.
  4. Round 3 - Add on: Ask everyone to move one more time into the innermost circle and add another related fact to that group of stickies.
  5. Choosing the most boring pile of facts: Use the emojis to vote for the most boring pile of ideas.

What we like about it


Need some ideas? Here are some examples we’ve encountered doing this exercise:

Hab-approved templates

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Use our Miro template

Speed up this kickstarter by using our Miro template! Just duplicate the file and it’s ready to use!

Use the Miro template

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