Triple H

An impactful team-building warm-up activity that invites participants to share a personal highlight, hardship and hero.

How to

  1. Introduce the activity to the group by sharing the Triple H categories:

    • Hero: A personal story about a hero of yours. This might be inspirational figures from history, sports or academia, or family members.
    • Highlight: A story about a personal highlight of yours. This might be births or marriages, significant achievements or moments of pride. If you’re leading this activity, consider sharing a smaller moment to create safety for those who might not have a big story to share.
    • Hardship: A story about a personal hardship. It’s okay if it gets emotional; this one takes bravery and vulnerability.
  2. Set ground rules and expectations with the group before starting the activity. Some may include:

    • The role of the listeners is to listen. When the speaker is finished sharing, they may thank the speaker, but they aren’t expected to counsel or respond.
    • Respect people’s privacy. Don’t share their stories or experiences outside this group.
  1. This activity works best when the leader goes first by setting the tone with vulnerability.

  2. Each person shares their Triple H until everyone has shared.

What we like about it

This kickstarter was originally used by professional sports teams to help players get to know each other at the beginning of the season. It has since been adopted by Leon Purton, a leadership and personal development mentor, to create psychological safety and facilitate vulnerability in a group.

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